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Since we’ve opened lots of interested people have come into the gallery.
We are also delighted that 2 or 3 artists a day come and ask to exhibit their work.
We are currently compiling our exhibitions and events calendar so artists are very welcome to apply
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We are involved in a network of international art galleries to create an exchange of artwork . At the moment there are 3 galleries, one in Sicily,one in Frankfurt and Bonoartgallery in Otley, Art galleries are welcome to get in touch with us.
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7a Courthouse Street.
LS21 3AN
West Yorkshire

The Bono Art Gallery is run by Sicilian born artist Roberto Bono who has been an Otley resident for the past 7 years. Roberto brings to life the vibrant colours and warm light of his native Mediterranean land to the green, wooded countryside of Yorkshire. Roberto’s abstract work is characteristic in that it is double sided and can be turned round to display a different painting. Recently those double sided panels have been further freed from no longer being a two-sided window , but have become shifting panes making possible 8036 trillions of possible permutations set to music.
Like a walk in another beautiful landscape further south, or on the Chevin in summer, Roberto’s musical painting makes us feel good on a meandering path through Otley or anywhere else. And like an old Italian painting, a more traditional window in a more traditional wall, it provides a frame for the jigsaw of our inner and outer lives, a feeling that it can all fit together, step by step, if we are guided by harmony.

Otley, famous for its public houses and other meeting places, clubs and markets, has a new meeting hall, a white space with strange musical windows inside, right at the centre of the community, where friends, visitors, observers, painters and other musicians can interact in a shared confusion and harmony of inner and outer worlds, and where perhaps for a moment it all fits together.

Intrigued? Come to the Bono Art gallery to find out more.

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