Gianni Muratore
These photos were taken in Chiapas, May 1996. Two months later, the first intercontinental meeting against neoliberalism took place in Realidad, the biggest aguascsaliente right in the heart of the Lacandona Forest. This is a key area for zapatista activities. 1996 was defined as the year of peace in Chiapas. My arrival in San Cristobal de las Casas coincided with the beginning of a more friendly relationship between the Mexican federal government and the ZNLA ( Zapatista National Liberation Army). This lead to representatives of the 4 Mexican political parties (PRI, PAN, PRD and PAN) to form the COCOPA ( Commission of Concordance and Peace). The result was the S. Andres agreement in which the COCOP proposed a law recognising the autonomy of the indigenous population. The Zapatista army continues to fight for the recognition of cultural differences and for the respect of human rights, especially for the rights of indigenous women.


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