Paul Hartal
Paul Hartal is an internationally known painter and leading theorist concerned with cultural transformation and human survival. The creator of "Lyrical Conceptualism," his style reflects the integration of the intuitive and the rational. Hartal has exhibited his paintings at the Luxembourg Museum in Paris and at the University of Lausanne, as well as in galleries in Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan, Spain, and the United States. Awards include the Prix de Paris, Rubens, Soho International and Selected Olympic Artist, Seoul. Encyclopedia of living Artist

Homage to Michelangelo - acrylic on canvas - 24" x 30" - 1976

This Painting had been stolen after an exhibition in Paris in 1978

Lyrical Conceptualism

In the spring of 1975 PAUL HARTAL published in Montreal the first Manifesto in Lyrical Conceptualism. A version of it also appeared in the November-December 1976 issue of Art in America. As a creative process, Lyrical Conceptualism advances the synergic interaction of the emotion and intellect, the balanced integrity and unity of the soul and mind. As an art idea it maintains that since the invention of the camera the artist's role is not to compete with photography by imitating reality, but to render and interpret the world, to peel and penetrate the hidden layers of existence, to visualize the invisible infrastructure of the transcendental and the ineffable.


If you don't support progress You 're not politically correct Though often it is pure foulness A perfect product of the imperfect.

If you believe in freedom Yes, you're politically correct But one's liberty is another's serfdom Power in the hands of the elect.

lf you're not a feminist You're not politically correct So don't swing your fist Even when you're erect.

Your values and tradition Are politically correct perhaps If your divorces keep going-on Imbued with other family mishaps.

If you're not postmodern You're not politically correct So raise high your lantern Irradiate for stage effect.

Published in: VIEWS TO MUSE Judith Grant, New York

The Egyptian Princess - oil on canvas - 24" x 18" - 1977
Analysis of an aftrnoon - oil on canvas - 24" x 18" - 1977


On the dark lake of the unplumbed Mixed with the orchestrated arias of winds The eighth unwritten ballad floats Somnolent sparks coruscate In ethereal tints Gutta-percha words stxuggle and wither Tired syllables reverberate Chocolate sounds stretch and gather Marvel in the sunshine Collapse unfold and mingle As remote tambourines jingle Eight seagulls fly in a curved line Like pilgrims in the formless stratum Of the unknown

Published in BEST NEW POEMS Poets' Guiild, Baltimore

Satellite Over the City - 55.8 x 71.1 cm. - oil on canvas - 1978


It exists only as a metaphor. The movement of the hands of the clock does not show time but movement in space. The concept of time is a human invention useful to express the relationship of before and after. It is a matter of language usage, like to say "sunset" (which is actually caused by the rotation of the earth, the sun itself does not set ) . Time is an illusion. ( More on this can be found in my book, The Brush and the Compass: The Interface Dynamics of Art and Science. University Press of America: NY. )

My art is a painted methaphor, the past machine of a perpetual second, the fossil emotion of an infinite longing, the magic desire evolving or the broken axix of the compressed space, reflected in the form of inner, personal, landscapes.


The sunset splashes: Misty gold light snaps On the humpy trees. Nightfall advances; The frothy forest Shuts its birdy mouth ; Lanky sights swim Slowly in the south ; The weltering wind Gyrates dark sorrows, Sultry stars trickle down The earth's frosty sigh, Whistling moon dances In the foamy sky.







Happiness is a shark, Swimming in the deep Dimension of the dark, Drifting duffel of sleep. Decay of despair; Hardness of hope. Happiness is a crow, Hiding in the thicket, Or flying in a row At a drizzly sunset. Drought of despair; Hunger of hope. Happiness is a rose, On the tree of duty, A smiling verse in prose Of halcyon beauty. Dust of despair ; Honey of hope.

Masks - acrylic on canvas - 51cm x 61cm - 2000
Meditation - acyilic on canvas - 55cm x 71cm - 2000