Robert F. Steiner
I am somewhat unusual in that I got directly involved in art at a relatively advanced age. (My current age is 73.) While my interest in art goes back many years, I did not become an active participant until the last few years, after a half-century spent in a very different occupation, from which I retired in 1995. I was born in Manila, P.I. I received my AB from Princeton in 1947 and my PhD from Harvard in 1950. As an artist I am mostly self-taught, but have taken courses at Howard Community College in drawing (with J. Adkins) and oil painting (with Y. Gan). Most of my paintings are based on computer-manipulated photographic images, which were transferred to canvas. The photographs themselves were collected over many years. Computer manipulation permits the exploration of many configurations and arrangements in a short time. In some cases I have employed computer-generated images as components of a painting. My preference is for paintings which tell a story, although the interpretation may vary with the viewer. Among the juried exhibitions at which my paintings have been shown are the Hoffberger Gallery, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, Baltimore, MD (Jan1-Feb 5, 1999), Celebration of the Arts, Columbia, MD (April 15- April 17, 1999), Euroart '99, Barcelona, Spain (Oct 1-4, 1999), Quiet Waters Gallery, Annapolis, MD (June 11-August 31, 1998), and Frederick Community College, Frederick, MD Sept 1-Sept 30, 1998).
Autumn at wilde lake
Suddenly, on the beach