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Torre di Babele. The Italian Language and Culture Centre - Italian languages courses and cooking courses in Rome
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For those interested in a professional career as a chef, pizza maker, pastry chef, gourmet or sommelier, the school offers the possibility to attend professional courses at an Italian cooking school recognized by the Lazio Chefs Association. Courses begin in January, April and September.

Complete course plans are available upon request from our office. Contact us for more information.

The courses being offered are as follows:


Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Practical courses teaching basic and more advanced cooking techniques


Basic course - Under the instructor's guidance, students prepare: creams, puddings, base doughs, classic pies, semifreddi (soft ice-cream), chocolates, decorations, salty and tea pastries.


Basic course: a practical course to learn to make pizza by the slice, slow-rising or traditionally-made round pizzas and fried foods.

Other cooking courses for both professionals and amateurs are planned. Each professional course includes a final exam and certificate. Hands-on workshops in restaurants and pizzerias are also included. These courses can be combined with our Italian language courses.


For those who love Italian food and want to learn to prepare traditional dishes (appetizers, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, pizza, desserts, etc.), "Torre di Babele" offers a practical individual course in the home of the cooking instructor.

Each meeting lasts three hours during which a complete menu is prepared - aperitif, appetizer, first and second courses, vegetables and dessert - and eaten (lunch or dinner).

These courses can be booked in advance and can take place at any point throughout the year, except August. The number of meetings will be decided by the student.

These courses can be combined with our Italian language courses.

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