"My work involves an evolution through aspects of surrealism and abstraction. I began in the 60s as a hard-edge Pop-influenced painter, who also did collages, drawings and multi-media. My work developed into a sort of neo-surrealism which eventually worked its way to a form of lyric abstraction. I often try to invoke a sense of place, whether the west coast of British Columbia, or more recently, the Mediterranean landscapes of Provence and Tuscany. I believe in the primacy of painting, drawing and sculpture, despite the constant attacks from conceptualists and others who dismiss working from the imagination in favour of a kind of social science writ large. I trace the evolution of my work back to the paleolithic artists who also used a mark making process to stimulate a magical or visionary state of mind."

Blue Cascade, acrylic on canvas, 1998, 4.5' x 7'



Night Moves, oil on canvas, 1999, 6' x 8'