Alfredo D'Amato 

was born in Porticello (PALERMO, Italy) in October 1977. He started taking pictures in 1997. During the same year he took part in a course on photojournalism, organized by the cultural centre "Agricantus" in Palermo, where he was chosen as the best young photographer in the final exhibition. In May 1998 he won a Nikon grant in the " Toscana photographic workshop ". In the same year he also won a special prize in the important annual festival of Alberobello, he also took part in some conferences: Antonin Kratochvil, Leonard Freed. His pictures were published in several daily papers in Palermo and lately in  "Gente di fotografia" (a famous Italian photographic magazine). At the moment he's doing some personal research in the field of creative photography.

Tommaso "il perate"