My interest has been in honoring the simple, the common, and the ordinary. Enriched with meaning and symbolism, everyday objects are replete with qualities we tend to overlook. I believe that when things are at their most elemental, they reveal to us their essence. Energy, poetry, glory and mystery, are innate to all things (natural and man-made). Rocks, branches, sand, as well as what I call their urban counterparts such as paintbrush, broom, chair,or washboard, have been great sources for inspiration. Symbolizing beauty and poetry in material form they are the humble icons of a grand spirit.

I believe there is a connection between the domestic and the sublime, the commonplace and the spiritual, and the material and the soul. This has been the nature of my work.

"Wash", acrylic,washboard and pencil on masonite, 24" x 36"



"Extinct", acrylic,cotton panty and plastic animal on canvas, 18" x 22".