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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions

Arteutile reserves the right to refuse links to websites deemed inappropriate to the image of our company.
We do not add links to agencies.
Contact details such as phone, email, website and address are yours and the client will contact you directly.
Arteutile continuously inserts adverts in Google and other search engines and you will be guaranteed a prime position in our seach engine and all of Arteutile’s web pages.

The contract has a duration of 3, 6 and 15 months and is easily renewable unless either party wishes to terminate it.
The advertiser can at any time request the removal of their web page from Arteutile via email and no refund shall be paid to the advertiser.
Arteutile reserves the right to remove at any moment the advertiser’s web page if:
a) The advertiser gives false information about the accommodation, offensive written descriptions and photos, links to websites which are not his own and which could create a conflict of interests for our company (no refund shall be paid to the advertiser)
b) We receive proven complaints from the holidaymaker ( no refund shall be paid to the advertiser)
c) We decide that the advertiser is damaging the image of the company or for any other reason determined by the company ( in that case the client will be refunded)

The advertiser is solely responsible for the services offered to and the treatment of the clients.
The advertiser is solely and wholly responsible for the truthfulness of the services offered in the descriptions and photos advertised in Arteutile websites and for whatever legal action brought against the advertiser by the client who rented the accommodation or booked a course.

Good customer service is of paramount importance to and therefore we ask the advertiser to reply promptly and politely to all requests from their future potential clients.
Arteutile Ltd shall in no way be held responsible for any malfunctioning of our service due to problems not directly attributable to us such as faulty telephone lines, electrical and internet interruptions etc…No compensation shall be paid by Arteutile Ltd.

Arteutile reserves the right to change the advertiser’s pages if the advertiser has not followed the rules of advertising, has written unsuitable descriptions, has published website addresses which aren’t the advertiser’s or for any other information deemed inappropriate to the image of our company.
Arteutile reserves the right to change its terms and conditions, charges and information about our website. If such a change should take place the advertisers shall be immediately advised by email.
The advertiser declares: I have read and accept these terms and conditions.

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