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Artist's Details

Name: king, carole
College: Surrey Institute of Art and Design Farnham ,S urrey
Country: England
Category: Mixed media
About the Artist:
  These pieces are part of a body of work, which examines the symbolism of the poppy.
The British Legion chose the poppy as an appropriate symbol of remembrance after the First World War because of its evocative blood red colour and its tendency to grow where earth has been disturbed.
In ‘Thiepval Poppy’ the magnified centre of the poppy is seen merged with the names of the dead as they ascend the walls of the Thiepval memorial.
While researching flowers the existence of additional ultra violet patterns to those normally seen by humans became apparent; these are visible to insects because their vision, unlike ours, extends into the ultra violet area of the spectrum. Therefore idea of messages hidden and revealed through the use of ultra violet light became an essential part of the work, this has been used in ‘Trenches 1’ where the lines of trenches are superimposed on the original maps and their place indicated by ultraviolet paint and poppy seeds.

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