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Artist's Details

Name: Williams, Ally
Website: Visit
College: UWIC Cardiff
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Mixed media
About the Artist:
  I concern myself with debating the relationship between the human habitat and the body as our vessel of existence, specifically drawing the parallels between the marking of the flesh and environs. Man has consistently modified his living territory in order to explore different aspects of his humanity, namely; as an anarchic act, to embellish, honour and sanctify, facilitate and provide succour, to define ownership, provide ordinance, and as an admonishment to his fellow man. My fascination with this instinctive and sometimes emotive behaviour has provided the basis for a series of works involving site specific comparisons between various modern body modification processes and the post-modern urban environment.

The body becomes a living record of one’s personal history. My body is my own; the sole venue on which I can with full justification inscribe my achievements. In contrast with the privacy of family albums and mementos, the physical body is always really or potentially on public display. However, unlike the classical inscription that comes into being only in compensation for its owner’s death, this memorial makes no claim of immortality.
I make a determined attempt to inscribe my esse upon the history of humanity and represent post-modern market society’s drive to generate significance. The use of the body as a surface on which to inscribe one’s history responds to the problem raised by the proliferation of humanity intent on displaying information about itself.
Perhaps man’s biggest fear is that he never even existed?

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