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Name: Telcocci, Gina
Website: Visit
College: University of Colorado Boulder, CO, U.S.
Country: USA
Category: Sculptures
About the Artist:
  My primary concerns about the state of the world are environmental ones. Of all the difficult and complex issues of contemporary life, the human effects on environment strike me as the most crucial. Nothing chills me to the bone as much as the idea that we are eliminating wilderness from the planet.

Central to the alienation of humans from the natural world is the notion that our nature as beings is somehow special and apart from every other living thing on the planet(!) I like to remember that we are animals after all. No matter how intellectual and rarefied our lives become, we are irrevocably connected to all other life on the planet. I think my cages for humanoids series speaks to this issue.

In my artwork I use ancient and tradional craft techniques intuitively to fashion objects and installations. Every process (woodworking, basket-making, etc.), every structure, and every material (wood, rattan, wax, seeds, etc.) used in my art are things I consider thoughtfully. They are all things that are engaging for me on many levels: aesthetically attractive; physically and sensually enjoyable; fun ways of working; intellectually, psychologically and emotionaly interesting; historically & conceptually rich; spiritually compelling.

By combining organic forms and materials, and methodical, geometric structures, I am referencing both the natural world and the human predilection for organization and abstraction. For me this is a way of exploring my relationship to the environment I find myself in at any given moment, to my cultural history, and to my physical existence.

cage for human
About : 96" X 38" dia., wood, reed, 2000

About : 110" X 96" dia., wood, willow, 1997
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