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Artist's Details

Name: Victoria, Adelle
Website: Visit
College: De La Salle University Manila
Country: Philippines
Category: Photography
About the Artist:
  . . .like Rain pouring on Earth without making it water. . .

* * *

To us who emerge from The Womb and return to the same blackness,

Light a Fire in the middle of Greyness; that middle is Existence.

* * *

Oath of Respect for Art:

If I use another Artist's work as my own, I shall, in this world or another, lose a valuable part of my soul and that part of my soul shall belong to the artist. Hence, I shall, in this life or another, irrevocably be Incomplete.

If you shall use my artwork and get the image on this webpage through cut and pasting, please acknowledge my Name. Acknowledge my Name. Thank You. Salamat. Namaste.

* * *
Every piece shall have only one authentic copy. No reproduction shall be signed. All my artworks are digitally signed to protect property rights. The original artwork is not signed. It will be signed upon request.

Where a little girl dances Erotica
About : dimensions, Silver Nitrate to Ink on Resin-coated Paper, MMII

My sex runs over
About : 8 x 10 inches, 11 x 14 inches wooden frame, Silver Nitrate to Ink on Resin Coated Paper, MMI
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