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Name: Barrow, Anthony
Website: Visit
College: University of Central Lancashire Preston
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Painting
About the Artist:
  I am a mature student studying fine art at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston.
My work is mainly contemporary, commission based figurative and semi-abstract landscapes, initially I was influenced by the impressionists spontaneity and use of colour. My aim is to capture the character of the sitter, their mannerisms and facial expressions.
The human face is the only part of our anatomy that we cannot hide and therefore presents our first impression of that person.
The face is a window to the soul, it conveys our emotions and life’s pains and people go to great lengths to cover up psychologically and physically.

Recently I have become interested in the subconscious memory, in these works I am exploring movement and static space searching for the illusion of light and combining this with a portrayal of depth and texture.

The Skateboarder
About : 20" x 28", Acrylic, 2003

About : 21" x 19", Acrylic, 2003
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