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Artist's Details

Name: Windsor Zamudio, Zammerly Michelle
Website: Visit
College: self-taught Dubai, UAE
Country: Philippines
Category: Abstract
About the Artist:
  Zammerly is a Filipina of mixed ancestry, currently residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is an artist at heart. She is a poet, singer and painter.

In 1993, she recorded an album of ten songs. She was a professional singer until the time she left for Turkey. In 2001, she was invited to Turkey to paint. In late 2005, one of her poems will be published in the US.

What guides and inspires her to paint, is painting from her heart. She could totally lose herself while she paints, and could just go on and on, until the painting comes to form on its own. This happens especially when she does her brushless paintings. She feels one with her paintings this way - that nothing seperates her from them. For her, each painting is a manifestation of her innermost thoughts and feelings, a manifestation of her soul.

She works on Special Paper and Canvass, using oil, acrylic, gouache and pastel. She paints abstracts, lansdscapes, seascapes and still life. She also has her paintings in Giclee prints. Her Abstract paintings are all done, brushless. All 58 can be viewed at

She looks forward to travelling the world and just continously express herself in her paintings, poems and the songs she write.

Her poems and thoughts are shared through her blog at .

zammerly rts45
About : 12.0 x 10.0 (inches), Gouache on special paper,

zammerly rts54
About : 12.0 x 10.0 (inches), Acrylic on special paper,
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