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ARTeUTILe strongly encourages the collaboration of creative people from all walks of life regardless of age, race, gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation and cultural and socio-economic background.

Arteutile is an international social and work project based in the intrinsic world of art. It was created by and is managed by Sicilian artist and chess player Roberto Bono. Arteutile is a project independent of traditional commercial markets. Its ultimate goal is to promote the meeting together of artists of all genres and those who from other walks of life who wish to become better acquainted with ART and all its infinite possibilities.
Arteutile has organised, since the beginning, events which are able to bring together artists and governing bodies/ local administration, using the internet as its main vehicle of communication:

ARTEUTILE was born in Trapani, Sicily in 1994 as a non-profit organisation from the experience of Roberto Bono as an artist and chess player. Trapani, his native town, is a place of enormous potential for development but due to the deep social and administrative traumas, it has been devastated for decades preventing it thriving. Roberto Bono’s philosophy is succinctly embodied in ARTEUTILE: Art is contemplation, pure pleasure, transformation, work, expression, inventiveness, intelligence, sentiments, vehicle for exchange, vital action. This is why Art is useful to the individual and as a consequence to the whole community.
Shortly after it was founded, Arteutile became very popular with young people in particular, because of its dynamism and gatherings at artistic events. These events have a party atmosphere as a way of creating free social entertainment: images, music, conferences and more, all culminating in a celebration of friendship amongst people of differing nationalities.

In 1998 Roberto Bono moved to London and there ARTEUTILE grew and became more global; it became a limited company.

ARTEUTILE is a private project which collaborates with other companies and local governing bodies. As a way of self-financing its free services and space to artists, ARTEUTILE works as a photography and tourist agency. It promotes accommodation for cultural tourism in Sicily and Tuscany supported by two specifically dedicated web sites: and

Even though London was its working base, ARTEUTILE continued its “culturally dynamic bridge” with Sicily and this dualism produced its most significant results. A series of activities called “London-Sicily” began, one of which was the “Beautiful Day” exhibition, a four week event with international artists.

ARTEUTILE is also involved in some experimental projects: “Art as Therapy”, “Art for the Disabled” and “Art and Chess”. ARTEUTILE has also promoted typical organic Sicilian food products and participated in the Brighton Natural Trade Show. It has created web pages dedicated solely to Sicilian and British artists, a database in which artists from all over the world can display their work totally free and also a website where photographers can show their work which mainly addresses social issues.


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