Introduction 23/10/2002
'Fun through Paint!' Part 2

Keith Simmonds (Arts co-ordinator - artscope) , Roberto Bono (Volunteer worker), John Chapman (Artscope Project Worker)

The initial session acted as a basic introduction of the group to each other, and to the project as a whole, which will be loosely based on experiences of the first 'Fun through Paint', completed in September 2002. As a warm-up exercise, the group, which consisted of four in number, worked on a single small-scale painting each, which was rotated within the group after each chosen colour was freely applied. Only primary colours were used. One particular artist, who has paralysis of one side of the body, was encouraged to use his non-dominant hand to paint, which he did very independently. This first session was of a relaxed nature and all were encouraged to participate.. artscope website


Mark using his right hand
'creative opportunities for artists with disabilities' London
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