Session 4 - 21/10/02
'Fun through Paint!' 2

Keith Simmonds (Arts co-ordinator - artscope) , Roberto Bono (Volunteer worker), John Chapman (Artscope Project Worker)

Session four commenced with the group combining individual pieces of cartridge paper to produce a large sheet onto which they worked. The large format acted as an opportunity for expression on a larger scale. Individual artists, using water based paint and large brushes, worked onto the paper simultaneously, then moved around the table to work on a new area of the painting. Unlike in previous workshops, no time limit was set and the artists simply moved around the painting at their own leisure making additional marks. This was repeated until the sheet was full up. Separate sheets of paper were ripped and collaged onto the resultant work and 'glued' into place using more paint.

'creative opportunities for artists with disabilities' London
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