Session 8 - 11/11/02
'Fun through Paint!' 2

Keith Simmonds (Arts co-ordinator - artscope) , Roberto Bono (Volunteer worker), John Chapman (Artscope Project Worker)

Session eight began with the group being introduced to 'Paint n' Swirl' which span the painting, activated by a Touch Switch. Paint was applied to the moving paper and the resultant 'swirl' paintings were examined, removed, and used as simple printing 'blocks' to transfer the paint to a large piece of paper. This was repeated and additional paint was applied (only the neutral colours) freehand. Finally the original 'swirl' paintings were collaged onto the large final piece to demonstrate how the original paintings were altered. The artists responded particularly well to the initial interactive part of the workshop and to the final printing stage.

'creative opportunities for artists with disabilities' London
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