Week 4 1/7/2002
'Fun through Paint!'

Keith Simmonds (Arts co-ordinator - artscope) + Roberto Bono (Volunteer worker)

The fourth session was an attempt to throw positive 'conflict' into the process of painting. Paper, 4m in length, was laid out and the group invited to turn-take in mark making for twenty minutes. Palettes with restricted colours were positioned at opposite ends, and the artists journeyed, often in pairs, towards the centre of the paper, their brushes sometimes colliding, by-passing or purposefully avoiding the other. The second work was produced using more varied palettes of colour, the group working as a unit, but actively encouraged to paint 'on-the-move' whilst journeying around the artwork. The resultant pieces were laid out side-by-side and compared.

'creative opportunities for artists with disabilities' - London
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