Week 6 15/7/2002
'Fun through Paint!'

Keith Simmonds (Arts co-ordinator - artscope) + Roberto Bono (Volunteer worker)

Paint brushes 2m in length provided the creative tools for session six! The long brushes provided, not only an obvious physical distance to overcome, but a flexibility which encouraged the participants to also focus on brush manipulation and control. The group, using a varied palette of colour, had free reign to mark make onto the vertical 4x2m 'canvas'. At first the group tended to maintain fixed positions and worked on specific areas, but as the session progressed, individuals gained the confidence to move around the 'canvas', subsequently combing their painterly marks. Palettes were also combined and the group had to negotiate their own movements around the painting. The resultant work will be left in situ until next week.

'creative opportunities for artists with disabilities' - London
Week 10
Project 2