Week 8 5/8/2002
'Fun through Paint!'

Keith Simmonds (Arts co-ordinator - artscope) + Roberto Bono (Volunteer worker)

The experimental nature of previous sessions took another twist in Week 8 with the introduction of basic watercolour painting. One aspect of 'Fun Through Paint' is to introduce the group to different mediums of painting, exploration with watercolour was an attempt to encourage a very different approach to paint application. It was clear that the application of broad colour washes and getting the quantities of paint to water correct, was a challenge to the group. Several sessions would thus be required to master the technique. Inspite of this, the group warmed to working with watercolour, and although it appeared more restrictive in comparison to previous painting sessions, it brought an air of consideration and ambience to the Studio.

'creative opportunities for artists with disabilities' - London
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