Fred Bendheim is an artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York. In the past twenty years, he has worked in a variety of media including: oil, acrylic, watercolor, wood, metal, stone, cement, ceramics, water, printmaking and most recently, paper and cloth collage. His subject matter spans an equally broad range, although recently, natural themes have been at the core of his work. He is an artist hard to classify because he is constantly challenging what he already knows how to do well, with new media, techniques and ideas. His works is concerned with showing internal states and the philosophical-spiritual, rather than depicting purely physical aspects of reality.

The art critic, Jonathan Goodman, has said of Fred's work, "His work acts as a bridge between the internal and the external, seeking correlations between mind states and what exists in physical reality"

Green Dream 1999-2001 oil and alkyd on canvas 42" x 42"



Memento Mori, 1998 14 " x 11", collages paper on board