Jenny BENT

I am 27 and live in Cheshire with my family of cats. I have been painting for about 8 years and I am a self taught artist and have been professional for nearly 2 years. I work using a mixture of acrylic, gouache, pastel, charcoal and spray paint. The main bulk of my work is based on the female form. I love combining the traditonal way of painting the nude with mixing it with strong contemporary themes. I have had about 10 group and solo exhibitions around the northwest in the last 2 years and some of my paintings are held in private collections at Magdelen College, Oxford and at The Inn's of Court in London. I have recently been asked by the legenary rock band Hawkwind to design an album cover for them, the album is to be relased around August time 2001. I work on many private commissions ranging from motorbike helmet designs to large scale paintings for restaurants to portriats of people and animals. I am inspired and motivated by the female form, the natural world and my cats. My work has been reviewed in many magazines such as Cheshire Life, The Living Edge and The Erotic Review; it has also been featured on Channel M Television earlier this year.

Green forest women



Fem & banana skins