On the edge

The artists walk barefooted on the edge of knife and hurt to blood their naked souls.

The "on the edge" concept is not totally new. Actually it was born with a great influence of expressionism, impressionism, romantism, etc. We are not going to speak on technique, methods or materials here. The only thing that counts - feelings, emotions. Nothing else matters. The artist works on the edge, creating each piece as the last one. He puts all his heart and shows the deepest corners of his soul.

There is an old Celtic legend about the thorn birds.( C.Maccalough used it for the "Thorn birds" book) The bird sings just one time in life. It finds the sharpest and the biggest thorn prick and falls with its breast on the prick. The bird is singing while putting its heart closer and closer to the prick. It sings until it dies. And nothing in the whole world can be better than this song. All the angels admire the song and God smiles in heavens. All the best is bought by the great suffering.

The "on the edge" artists always create with naked heart and their soul is bleeding. When the work is done they feel empty and dry as desert.

Ukraine is on the edge of Asia and Europe. We are wild and hot-blooded like Asians but our education and culture is Europian.

We live on the edge of centuries and millenniums.

Seal though the lips - 75x90cm oil, canvas
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We think of happiness at moments only 75x90cm oil, canvas