Since 1964 I am involved in the study of the Eastern world, both for what concerns the art and the philosophies and religions inspiring and ruling it and in this period I start to find inspirations from the paint works related to the school of the Zen Buddhism.Since 1968 I have started to experiment with the Abstract painting, with the traditional oil technique, inspiring myself to non figurative details of paintings of the Italian Renaissance (Mantegna, Bellini). From 1976 to 1993 I have been the technical manager at the Modern Art Gallery of the City of Turin, , being involved in the conservation, restoring, carrying out art exhibitions and designing displays for the Municipal Museums of the City of Turin.Since 1980 I have started again to paint professionally, that is continuously and methodically, returning to the thread of the painting on paper with several types of ink, picking up again my researches that I started in 1964, inspired by the Japanese and Chinese painting, continuing then my studies on the Surrealism and abstract