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Works of art, whether representative or abstract, are typically fixed in time by the artist and remain permanent thereafter. In this work, ...we depart from this model by defining the "art object" as a multi-dimensional artistic design landscape that can be eternally travelled each time in a different and unique way using computers.
Roberto Bono has painted 12 double-sided abstract panels which, when put together in a 4 x 3 lattice, create an abstract painting.The number of paintings that could be produced potentially by rotating, flipping or repositioning the twelve panels are in the order of quintillions. One could imagine these paintings as points in a vast artistic landscape that can be explored in the form of a random and unique each time slideshow or by using evolutionary algorithms that start from arbitrary positions within this landscape and move towards those paintings in which the transition of colours between panels has been optimally harmonised. Musicians Alberti and Salmieri have added base music to match the ambience of this visual landscape and accompanying harmonic sounds to individual panels which when played together create variants of the same piece as the audio and visual design spaces of this evolving musical painting are being explored simultaneously.
There is a pervasive feeling of "everything changing and staying the same"
in the experience of this art. Indeed, this work can be seen as an experiment on the edge between movement and stillness, stability and instability, permanence and change. This is a boundary that is both intriguing and fascinating and one that has been the subject of deeply significant philosophical and artistic work in the past, from the elegant theories of Zenon of Elea, Heraclitus of Ephesus and Hegel to the beauty of the artistic works by Myron of Eleutherae, Leonardo and Vermeer.

Prof Yiannis Papadopoulos


Yan Wang : 29th June - 25th July

The Bono Art Gallery is delighted to present a most talented artist from China.
Opening Saturday 29th June, 6-9 pm.

Yan Wang was born in 1987 in Hunan, China.
This emerging artist graduated with a degree in Painting and Printmaking (’09) from The Glasgow School of Art, having previously studied at The Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing.
She grew up in an artistic family, academically trained by her father, Zhou Xioayu, who is a highly respected artist, Professor and Director of the Art Institute at Xiangtan University.
As an artist formed in both China and the UK, Yan has absorbed the richness of both cultures and her work displays a fusion and sometimes confusion of cultural influences and references.
Through her experience of mass culture, she found that both the east and the west play an equally significant roll on her sensation. Yan’s aim is, ‘to bring something new to you and to myself’.
As a contemporary art practitioner, Yan Wang’s talent is highly regarded. “She brings incredible enthusiasms to her expressive art works with her knowledge of oriental philosophy and psychology… and risk-taking” – Ricefield Cultural Arts Centre, Glasgow.

In my work recently I have been exploring the human form, its condition and diversity. This is reflected through my figurative paintings and also through last year's Leap Year Project. These ideas have developed greatly for me following a big change in my family life... please view the below image

This exhibition will feature some of my large canvases as well as a selection of small square paintings, taken from a larger project, 'Life Drawings', for which I am creating a new piece every day to make up a snapshot of my daily life, travels, interactions and emotions. I intend to add pieces throughout the course of the show so do pop back in occasionally if you can.

Below is the first of what is likely to be many portraits of my beautiful baby - I hope she can learn how to 'sit' properly soon!


Shane Green : 1 June - 27 June
(Official opening FRIDAY 7 June, 6-9pm)

Large Format Works
•I will be exhibiting a select series of my large scale paintings this forthcoming June at the Bono Art Gallery in Otley ...
•These works span over ten years but most have been revisited on a number of occasions.
•The drive behind the works is supported by urgency, spontaneity and a sheer passion for the act of creativity and painting.
•The themes vary from both the urban and rural landscape, both local and global..visits to the Alps, U.S.A. and India have well as other avenues I have pursued..
•There will be sculptures and videos aswell as traditional painting.
•I am proud to show these works together for the ?rst time at the Bono Art Gallery in Otley.

Solo exhibition by John Whitehead - 11/05 - 30/05

John’s work ranges from painting, sculpture, photography and video that all focus on themes of Violence, Behavioural Psychology, and idea of multiple personalities within society.

Behind the Veil and Into the Infinite is an exhibition of artworks that try to question what reality is and how we define who we are.

The inspiration for the work comes from extensive reading and research of extreme thinkers from Slavoj Zizek to Walter Benjamin and from personal experience. The theories of Zizek’s work, especially on Violence, were the starting point for most of his work. Zizek’ theories put violence into three main categories: subjective, objective and symbolic.

“The Real in its extreme violence is the price to be paid for peeling off the deceptive layers of reality.” – Slavoj Zizek

This leads us to question what we believe is real. The “deceptive layers of reality”

Are the things that get in the way and distract us in daily life. The television that sells us propaganda of war on terror to the cloths we wear made in factories in India for cheap labour.

We define ourselves by what we do, what we wear and the actions we take. The jobs that we grow to loath replace our dreams that slowly fade and drift into the infinite. Like a masquerade we are not all that we seem and when removing our masks we can finally see through the fakery.


New Exhibition by Moff Skellington

The bonoartgallery is delighted to present a most talented artist Moff Skellington from Otley.
The opening of his exhibition will be on Saturday 23rd March from 7pm till 10pm

Moth Spirit
295 x 210 mm, Black & White Acrylic on canvas, 2013

Moff Skellington believes reality is the product of the interaction between three powerful elements: Octoberness, Perfection and Slapstick.

Octoberness is a complexity of emotions associated with the transition from summer into autumn; it is also a sense of pending, of waiting for something to happen.

Perfection is that unattainable state of flawlessness that every schoolboy knows does not exist. Moff Skellington believes a flaw to be an imaginary side product of rules created by the human intellect. Take away human perception and suddenly everything is perfect by dint of its mere existence.

The third element Slapstick is, like gravity, an inescapable force of nature. It teaches us through comical mishap, embarrassment and enforced clumsiness, valuable and life enhancing lessons in humility. Through the good offices of Slapstick we are delivered from pomposity, conceit and misplaced sobriety.

Moff is a practitioner of Edoddi: a traditional blend of art pictures, word poems and music tunes. The spirit of Edoddi provides for those who seek it a means to create authentic folk arts for the present day - a folk medium for the individual, a tradition of one or more in an age of alienation. In Edoddi there are no rules except those of one’s own making; it is a free musical expression of one's mind and one's experience of life.

When he's not recording, or writing, Moff is painting.

Or having a brew.


“Intersections of philosophy, logic and biology in design”

On Monday 11th March, Professor Yiannis Papadopoulos gave his inaugural lecture: “Intersections of philosophy, logic and biology in design”. As the audience arrived, they were treated to a constantly evolving piece of dynamic artwork — one of the more unusual outcomes of Prof Papadopoulos’s research. The lecture itself was a fascinating journey through topics including Ancient Greek philosophers, such as Heraclitus of Ephesus and Zeno of Elea, the evolutionary biological theories of Charles Darwin, as well as Boolean and temporal logics. These different ideas have all fed into Prof Papadopoulos’s work on the design of complex engineering systems.

Central to this work is the HiP-HOPS technique — “Hierarchically Performed Hazard Origin & Propagation Studies” — which allows engineers to analyse models of their systems to determine characteristics such as safety and reliability. However, making those models is still a challenging task, so Prof Papadopoulos has also led new work into the use of genetic optimisation algorithms to automatically improve the quality of models through evolutionary development.

This optimisation technology has other uses beyond engineering, however, and can even be adapted to improving aesthetics. Working in conjunction with abstract painter Roberto Bono, musicians Andrea Alberti and Bob Salmieri, and fellow computer scientist David Parker, Prof Papadopoulos has created a way of exploring an audio-visual design space containing trillions of possible configurations of musically-accompanied paintings. In closing his lecture, he showed the audience how such algorithms can be used to evolve works of art as well as engineering models, and offered some thoughts on the many possible future directions of these ideas.

Computer exploration of original art work by Roberto Bono.
squares panels enter 1 > (Music by Bob Salmieri)
rectangular panels enter 3 > (Music by Andrea Alberti)

12 double-sided panels, making trillions of possible permutations
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