Willem Den BROEDER

Willem den Broeder was born in 1951 in Schiedam, the Netherlands and started painting in 1995.

Exhibits his work from 1998. Last October until November 2000 Den Broeder's expose works in the Unilever Research Building The last expose works was in the Galery 'Groenen Tuin' Zevenhuizen Other works are shown in the Surrealistic Cabinet Hendrik Beekman (Marrum, Friesland, the Netherlands).

Den Broeder places objects from daily life in surrealistic scenes. Regular themes are eyes and musical instruments.



The eye

The eye, like the universe, streches away into infinity,

in which all seas come together, rushes blood.

Into an everlasting beauty.



"Huidplooipoezie" Acryl op hardboard, 90 x 60


Scent of the violin

like perfume

where the fiddlestick

roots in the land

where all hearts

lie buried

"Samos II" Collage and Watercolors 30x20cm