The work involves a study of movement for its language and expression. The work explores an inner movement of infrastructures, and is not solely about movement though time, expressing, and inner states of mind, psyche and spirit, as signifiers of the human state or condition. The concerns in this work involve the relationships and conflicts between the material world and the immaterial. The spirit its conflict and struggle against our natural or inner nature or condition of the human state. Spiritual conflicts, inner struggles and tensions are set-up against our natural or carnal nature or condition of the human state.

The work is divided into two sides to form dynamic relationships & conflicts, which form a dialogue & interaction between the two. In each structure Dynamic tensions involve inner conflicts between spiritual consciousnesses and the natural, or carnal nature, which are very much a part of the human condition, criss-cross constantly in relationship & conflict with conscience and spiritual consciousness. Material beauty, wealth, & strength are-up in relationship & conflict with spiritual wealth, security, beauty. This exploration of movement, hopes to expresses the inner life of the human state, invisible things, deeper aspects of the human condition, unseen and invisible.

Dual Passages 11 l.side structure,121cm x 193 cm,

Dual Passages 11 r.side structure 121cm x 193cm