Vincent Cacciola is an Australian artist resident in Sydney. His work is recognised for its individuality as (as with all pertinent contemporary art) the works go beyond the ordinary. Its manifest authority lies in its bold use of form, stripping away the irrelevent to harness the essential. Cacciola's paintings are evolved from Nature and combine the modern spirit with a primitive manner. The works are international by active participation of constantly extending the boundaries of both the artist and his art by questioning and examining Life as it is. Born in 1954, Cacciola's formative years were spent in the inner suburbs of Sydney. Those years gave him a valuable insight into the spirit of the city and consequently his own spirit and sense of artistic ideal were nurtured in those suburbs. Years of formal art education saw an expolsion of creativity. Throughout this period Cacciola, unlike many contemporaries did not succumb to the illusionary lifestyle of the "artscene", distancing himself and cultivating his unique vision.

"Moondance" Acrylic on Canvas - 1997



"Cow Skull" Acrylic on Canvas - 2000