"Being an Artist is a life force, not a career choice." Ione Citrin who has traveled the world but now lives in Los Angeles, California is a well received Artist whose acrylic and mesh piece entitled "The Knitter" won the 1998 Art Calendar Crabbie award and was featured on the cover of the June, 1999 ART CALENDAR magazine. Her mixed media on canvas titled "Shahrzad" won the Nielsen Bainbridge Gold Medal in the 1998 Amsterdam Art Exhibition. Ione actually has quite a long list of award-winning exhibits. To say the least, Ione is both innovative and colorful in her dazzling oil, watercolor and mixed media paintings. Ione is also a highly gifted sculptress with her highly detailed and imaginative bronze and marble statues.

"RA" - Mixed media. 40 x 50 in.



"SACRIFICE" - Mixed media on paper. 24 x 30 in.