Lorraine Clarke

My work expresses a burgeoning interest in the human body - from the eloquent, intricate beauty of the viscera to the awesome complexity of the psyche. - I became fascinated by the mystic, magic, taboos and superstitions surrounding natural objects such as hair, teeth and animal parts. These aspects of flesh and spirit induced a series of work using found objects together with natural objects. - The following stage of my research combined psychopathology and art. My way of developing the creative process outside any predetermined framework allowed the emergence of primitive impulses and images. Complex concepts, powerful affects, intrapsychic conflicts, fantasy and imagination, the subconscious, real experiences - are but some of what was in play throughout the creative process of this period. - I'm presently concerned with the mind/body as an exposed surface and the psychological/physiological consequences of internal/external factors and influences. My new body of work - with continuing references to the combination of inner and outer stimuli - is an introspective searching, a poetic penetration, an excavation of the human being, a journey into the deepest layers of the mind and body, evoking the past as well as exploring contemporary sensitive political and social issues. I seek to instigate an assorted fan of perceptions, emotional starts and insightful provocations, to stir up reflections on the undefinable, unpredictable human life and soul.

"Anatomist's View No. 3"
"State Corrections - ID Process"