At the beginning of December 2000 a leave for Cuba, under an assignment by the photoagency Vision, with the duty to increase their archive with turistic photos about Havana; with the beginning of the winter months in Europe, the tourist market moves, for half of it, in the hot areas of the world. The travel agencies, tour operators leave breathless to promote esotic destinations, sending over hundreds of demands for pictures to the photo agencies. I arrive at JosÚ Martý International airport, at 3 am local hour.The feeling is not new and it remembers me Countires at same latitudes, like Mexico and the Keys (US), and more up to equatorial Africa, where this Cuban's parfumes were bringing me.. The following morning I immediately aware how fragile and closed is the touristic imaginary view, and how instead rich and wide is the human and social narrative ground. I get depressed a little bit, because a wished I was there with a different assignment, but I had a job to do and to cover at my bestThen I tried not to miss the chance to turn foward my desires. So I decide to picture Havana also from a more personal point of view, following a different but parallel track.
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