Jean Claude DAVREUX


Dear friend I thank you very much for the honour you make me by agreeing to accept these few words inspired by your work. JEAN- CLAUDE DAVREUX ? How did I meet him? At a time when the Palestinian people were victim of the most skilfully assembled disinformation and of the most simplistic amalgams. They were not very numerous those, which, by their pen, their word or their brush dared to express the right history of the Palestinian people, its sufferings, its rooting, its humanism, because they sailed against the mainstream. But it is thanks to this small number that, increasingly, collective consciousness took possession of the reality of the Palestinian drama. And that, nowadays, its cause is known better, better understood. Jean -Claude DAVREUX is part of these "right ones" which served truth and which showed with colour strength the Palestinian people's endurance. Often described as a solitaire and this is maybe what brought him towards other solitary people, unknown and often prejudice victim. The brush of this artist could well express the extent and the depth of Palestinian suffering. I assure Jean-Claude of my sincere gratitude and tell him that Palestinian people will pass the test, grown and, foremost, free.

Chawki ARMALI Palestinian General Delegate in Brussels And at the European Union

Palestinian exodus