Today It's difficult to produce artworks, we are bombarded by far too many thoughts and opinions, which are packed with cheap, empty and pointless speculation about every aspect of life, that there is little space left for serious contemplation. I'm trying to work with the simplest means possible, the accumulation of detail in a larger pattern of place, perception as a philosophical problem, obsession as addiction that is then questioned to the point of obsession. Trying to embrace the crossover points that are common to us all, ritual /obsession /temptation /language /from/scale/sense of raw proportion/random/premeditated use of colour without collision/simplicity /iconism Architecture /place /immortality. Paintings of things of the world ,paintings of thinking, of placement, of things unsaid, of gaps. An exchange within the works, a language, a code, between the inanimate and the animate made visible-like apparatus and event(phenomenon) diagramized in a study_ the house_church; architecture; faith; biology; myth; instrument_sign_bars depicting variants in colour + Height.