Michael DOMINA

It has taken me a long time to appreciate how life has helped me to see, feel and think like an artist. My journey has helped me to understand myself and why I must create art. When I first started painting my goal was to render subjects as accurately as possible, but over the years I realized that it’s the emotional aspect that excites me the most. I allow myself the freedom to explore and experiment, to say “what if” as I did when I was a child and knew no rules or had no inhibitions.

It’s the painting process that inspires and energizes me. My abstract work usually starts with a spontaneous play of colors, textures and shapes. When I start I have no subject in mind, no intentional effort to produce a form. I continue to be playful, while letting the painting lead me as I define and refine to bring out suggested shapes. Several layers of paint are needed to build values to a bold and dramatic design.

Trusting in myself and continuing my search for good designs makes my job rewarding.

Gossamer Maiden