When you follow Zen's path Through action with heart Chaotic worlds of discord are a symphony of art. - c. Alexander Simpkins.

Zen holds that the truth is not in scriptures but in a person's own heart, if they will only strive to find it by meditation and self-mastery.

It translates as "meditation". Zen arts are a form of meditation, both for the artist and for the audience. In Zen one does not strive to delete all thoughts to make your mind empty, rather one discovers the emptiness that is already present within the form of thoughts, experiences, and realities. Zen illuminates ones true inner nature; it becomes integrated into ones. Living through Zen one realizes that "nothing is missing", each now is perfect, whole and complete. By entering Zen art one not only learns artistic skill but above all one develops ones inner instinct of here and now. Then the very art becomes spontaneous awareness and the outcome of such art is not only beautiful but also healing and enlightening to the viewer. Once the brush is "charged" with paint, there is only one correct stroke, just as an incorrect cut with the sword cannot be removed. Mastery in Zen art cannot be achieved without going through a transformation. Zen art is goal less. The artist is lost in the artistic movement of nature that is within and outside. The artist is the culmination point of both planes- the microcosm and the macrocosm and that's when evolution and creation takes place. Poems are often metaphorical, allowing Zen practitioners to point the way with words. The dance in Zen evolves moment to moment, with inner music and commune with ones energies that are agile at all times. It is my sheer joy and honor to bring about awareness and share this simple form of Living and creating. The art with its empowerment of each moment in deep joy, To express ideas that become clear through poetry and the dance of flowing with the inner rhythm and transforming the subtle energies into creative evolvement. On my journey to experience the emptiness I am thankful- for all the arts that are leading my way.

Love light energy, Dipalle Edwankar