Genevieve P. ESSON

My art is an extension of my inner world. The subject matter is Surreal and dreamlike. I like the freedom of interpretation in my work. I let it hang loose, because to me this world has too much going on in it, so some of my pictures become a myopic soup of chaos or strangeness. The environment is important to me. It is reflected in some of my pieces. I love animals and nature. Music is another important theme running through my work. It sort of weaves in and out like a tapestry. There is some kind of spontaneity that bounces back at you too, like a bouncing ball. I guess it could be associated with energy.

I love color, bright colors and happy colors are what this world are made of. Not dull muted colors. Vibrancy, saturated hues, effervescent, bubbly, smiling, laughing color. People are another subject matter I use. Dance, movement and social interaction.

Most of my work is done in color pencil on pastel paper, and acrylics on canvas. I have done quite a few oil pieces. But I like the spontaneity of drawing, and the different colors I get from mixing the color pencils together is great. I also like painting in acrylics. I like to think fast when I do my art. It depends on what kind of effect I want to get. I also dabble in 3-D for effect.

My pieces range in size from small to very large. It depends on what medium I use. The scope of the human mind is infinite. There are boundless possibilities to be explored, and that is what makes art so exciting.




At the equator






Befor light