I came back from Sicily filled with so much love and lift that now, in this difficult shift for the last two months it has been helping me. E Dipalle

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ART residence in Sicily with Zen Art performance Trapani 18 April 2001
Dipalle Edwankar

Galleria della Provincia Regionale di Trapani - Palazzo Riccio di Morana


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On the 14th April 2001 Dipalle Edwanker and her husband Vishal arrived in Trapani, Sicily. They are both from Bombay. In the name Dipalle, the LLE stands for Love Light Energy and this truly shines from her as a person and from her paintings. As well as painting, which Dipalle defines as the Zen way of art , she dances and writes poems and Koans. Dipalle's artform is abstract and is the art of The Now. Before expressing herself artistically, Dipalle meditates to energise her work and bring out her essential creativity. Her dancing is not choreographed- it is a spontaneous expression of her inner light and energy. On 18th April Dipalle had her Zen art and dance performance at the Provincial Gallery of Trapani. She performed her dance to beautiful music, Tibetan flute and Indian folk. The audience were clearly mesmerised as it was a new and extremely captivating show. Some people had been asked to bring in some music so that in the final part, Dipalle could dance to local music that she hadn't heard before. So a CD of Agricantus a much -loved Sicilian ambient music group was swiftly produced. The beauty, spontaneity and grace with which Dipalle danced to truly capture the joyous mood of the piece brought a tear to many a people's eye. It was pretty moving. Some other members of the audience also summoned up their courage to sing a few song lyrics and again Dipalle brought out the unique harmony in her dance. The performance was followed by viewing her paintings which were displayed accompanied by a glass or two of a good Sicilian wine > FIRRIATO . The atmosphere was buzzing with people, both artists and non, asking her about her work and culture. In fact she was asked to do a Zen art meditation workshop at the" Liceo Artistico" (High School, 14-19 year olds, which specialises in arts). The workshop was held in a classroom of around twenty-five 17 year olds two days later. The headteacher and other staff were also involved. After the initial excited chatter and eager anticipation of the students, Dipalle conducted Zen meditation exercises to enable the students to draw out their essential creativity and energise their brushes to express themselves however much or little they wanted. They explored the emptiness between the their thoughts and experiences. The class worked in total silence, each student totally immersed in their own world of creativity, oblivious of anything else in the world, the art of The Now. Dipalle's sharing of her art and creativity had left and indelible mark on all the people who met her and saw her perform, a truly wonderful exchange of cultural awareness and harmony.


the GALLERY - Palazzo Riccio di Morana


Liceo Ar
tistico Trapani - workshop at the local art school


Dipalle Edwankar
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