Eiffryn EYNON

My work is both an abstraction of the street and an analysis of the reality found there. The weathered structures and peeling skies are overlaid with the skeleton of scaffolds, the pedestrians silhouetted against the blasts of smog treading their boards, consumed by the stage, this surreal personality of structure which stands high above, untouched by it's denizens. All these are elements of scrutinising the phenomenal world intensified and atomised to the point of ultimately abstracting the imagery.

My work is composed from a variety of mediums, photomontage, subliminal collage, inks, acrylics and adobe interceptions. All designed to suggest that the street scene is a stage, a breathing, coughing, spluttering world with it's layers of armour and skin worn and shed depending on the urgency of the modern day, yet always garbed in appropriate attire.

'Wait till the god hour' (Mixed media on ply) 112cm by 32cm 2000



'Stay in an duck down' (Mixed media on ply) 10cm by 37cm 1999