Karen Fitzgerald

I have always felt an extraordinary beauty in the physical world, and it is this sense that my work conveys. While my work utilizes many aspects of the landscape tradition, I also interpret landscape metaphorically, merging the real with metaphysical reality, creating a lush, quiet place for viewers. I use light as a vibrant, velvety quality which glows, pulses and breathes with the sentient characteristics of sunlight, shadow, the light of snow or rain. In the same way that the poetic form prepares the reader to consider condensed language in a special way, the circular format of my work prepares viewers for a consideration of essence. The experience of beauty is essentially a spiritual experience - it expands our awareness, uniting sensual, emotional, intellectual and psychic perceptions.

Burning Bush, 60", oil on canvas, 1999
Triton, 60", oil on canvas, 2000