Mano GEN.Z

...the story of Job investigates pictorially the trials and tribulations of life in the corporate workplace. The moral of the story is, perhaps, that if we can endue all the tests and challenges and still keep our faith in capitalism, then there is a chance that the stakes will be doubles - but will they ? The story of Job Revisited investigates some other aspects of the story, for example, the downfall of a dream and the loss of faith. Although, as Mano Gen.z ( a collaboration between Martine Zadno + Nora Genevieve Raggio), we approach the work primarily through painting as the core of the installation, we also include other media, like video and sound. We continue to explore the "job space odyssey" this time in year 2001. What is in store for those who have worked hours and hours for stock options that never materialize but remain suspended in cyberspace? What sort of environment is created by an inflated fantasy which then collapses? Although our work is by no means a comprehensive view of the issues encountered in the workplace, we start with a few key themes (power,networking,seduction, speed) we believe are central to office work these days. By testing our work with our public, we plan to develop new ideas on workplace themes to implement in the future.



Old boys network



Caught in the grid