Stawroula Georgoulea

My work is a way of self-expression,of expressive materials that "we" both interact between ourselves and individually at the same time.The audience as the last link of this triadic chain of interactions is my determinant communication in my work.It is a work hihgly stimulated by sensations, the wide and diverse range of moods and feelings of everyday life.I am however, very interested and preoccupied with the idea of using materials not only for my expressive stimulus but for their own sake as well.Abstraction helps not only in a freer and deeper demonstration of these feelings but gives an almost metaphysical approach to the materials comprising the new cosmos I am creating.Symbolical,philosophical and psychological meanings are underlying in my work.As a result or to start with, I use unfamiliar hand,automatic methods of thick paints,dripping inks and collage. Household paint,sand and wax, as fluidity and texture are very important to my work as I find these techniques highly expressive,a vocabulary of emotions.

"Medusa" 46h x51w cm. Ink,houshold paint on PVA-primed canvas



"Reach out and touch Faith-After Michelangelo" 57w x 44h cm. Acrylic,ink,gold leaf on canvas.