The inspiration for my work is based on the notion of life as a theatre, the medieval Italian commedia dell’arte the tragical comedy or comical tragedy and the human condition. My paintings consist of a personalized symbolism which represents my own thoughts and opinions and draws on my own experiences by using the human figure, this enables me as an artist to communicate with the viewer so the message is represented metaphorically, therefore creating a narrative for the viewer to interpret. This allows me to voice my opinion on a range of subjects that I feel strongly about which includes mortality, social, economical and political issues. The work also discusses the links between animal behaviour and appearance and makes parallels to the human condition. I also believe that my work is a product of the enviroment, a product which in my opinion gives the spectator an biographical insight into the problems faced for a working class man living in inner-city Britain at the turn of the century. I see expression and harmony within the paint surface and composition as a form of communication, similar to musical notes or a verse of a poem and also believe art therapy as a means of self expression and self exploration.