My paintings are of figures, part animal, part human, part adult, part child provoking enigmatic scenarios. Sometimes I do preliminary sketches but I never rigidly plan the outcome. I paint with oil sticks and oils on wood panels with built up surfaces of sand, pumice or wax. I like wood panels because I can add and subtract from them. Paintings range from flat to relief like. My technique is unfussy and direct. My fingers and sharp objects such as push pins and nails are my brushes. Primal technique expresses primal experience. In fact, crudity helps me to intensify the impact of my work. I am attempting to make idea (content) and technique (form) inseparable. Scraping into the thick layers of paint is perhaps a metaphor for delving into my own personal history. In the past I staged black and white photographs which I enhanced with oil paints. Photography taught me light and composition. I like to force the subject to the edge and maximize the image area. Compressed space makes the subject more immediate and direct. I don't attempt to make my paintings understandable. I create mysterious narratives with multiple layers of interpretation. Dreams, memories and observation of the human force is my inspiration. I find it gratifying when others read unforeseen meaning into my work.

Dissected Embryos



Vertical Adjustment