Claudia Strano JENNINGS

Born and raised in Curitiba, South of Brasil. From an early age Claudia demonstrated an affinity and talent for creative endeavours. Her work evolved from an avocation to a vocation, much to the delight of her family, friends and patrons.

Reflecting on the factors that influence her creative style, Claudia traced the central theme to her earliest childhood memories . . . Sunday mornings in church. The young child was captivated by the magnificent stained glass windows, and the celestial paintings on the ceiling. She recently began a series aptly named "Childhood memories - Sunday mornings" which draws on the color and texture of religious stained glass windows.

Working in a wide variety of media: acrylic, oil, mixed media, watercolor, pen and ink, her main body of work consists of abstract expressionism style paintings.

Featuring innovative techniques, involving the use of different materials, Claudia creates biomorphic forms, in brilliant, complementary colors that in their exuberant energy almost seem to dance of the walls.

The artist describes the main component in all her work as being about energy, and is the unifying force behind her various oeuvres (styles and subject matter).

Claudia Strano Jennings is a "self-taught artist", living and working in New York since 1995.





APOCALIPSE - oil, string on canvas 72" x 72" inches





BIRTH OF EARTH - oil, string on canvas 70" x 70" inches 1995