Born in Norrkoping, Sweden in 1945, Ryn now lives in Buckinghamshire, England. She has a degree in modern languages from Uppsala University, Sweden and completed Fine Art Foundation studies at Amersham and Wycombe College, Buckinghamshire. She then acquired a First Class Ba (hons) degree in Fine Art from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. Even though Ryn's paintings are often inspired by the Swedish landscape, especially the rocky, weathered islands in the Stockholm Archipelago, her work does not usually refer to anything specific in the material world. She describes her subject matter as "the drama that arises when elements of certain kinds meet and interact". To her, this drama - her interpretation of the contemporary human experience - is a flux and a process rather than something static. She is continuously exploring the various kinds of constantly shifting boundaries in a world where nothing seems to be stable or unequivocal, e.g. the boundaries between reality and illusion, vision and blindness, inside and outside, surface and ground, seeing the surface of lthings and knowing the truth about them




Heart of the matter