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Ken White is one of Britain's most successful artists. Perhaps best known for his murals that are sited all over the world in all sorts of different locations, exterior and interior works, to date he has painted over 100 murals. He is also the personal artist for Virgin Boss Richard Branson and has completed works for him in many Virgin establishments throughout the world, including record shops, hotels and airport lounges. With the launch of Virgin Atlantic in June 1984, Ken produced what is probably his most well-known work - the 'Scarlet Lady' emblem which features on all the airline's aircraft. A man of undeniable talent and vision, he has also composed several collections of paintings, varied in their inspiration. From the railway yards where he worked as a child to ancient egypt with his Akhenaten series.  

Ken is still in full swing today and continues to create innovative and amazing murals on gigantic canvases all over the world.

If you would like to purchase any of the paintings please contact Ken, also please get in touch with the Artist if you are interested in commisioning Ken to paint a mural.






Ken White's mural


The railway worker series
The Akhenaten series
The collector series