Marina KIM

By origin, my family is from Korea. In Stalin's time, many Korean families were forcibly resettled from the Far East of Russia to Uzbekistan, so I was born and brought up in Tashkent.

After graduating from the Republican Art Gallery in Tashkent, I set up my own gallery, but in 2000 decided to explore the wider world, moving to London, where I had my first big exhibition at the Arndean Gallery in Cork Street earlier this year.

I work mainly in oils, painting portraits and still-life subjects. In my portraits, I try to achieve a psychological expressiveness, not just in the character of my subjects, but also in my own emotional response to them. My still-lives owe much to my early training within the strong Russian realistic tradition, but impressionism is the strongest external influence on my style, which is still developing.

"Onions" - oil on canvas
"From the heat" oil on canvas