My main love is painting, however, I do also enjoy photography, poetry, and film editing. I feel that my paintings have finally evolved to a much more superior level and in time will take me and many others to great places. They are somewhat abstract and sparkle with fabulous colors. The subject matter is the effect of a feeling or a situation. They do not need to make sense to anybody- they are merely props to induce results. (Meaning: If you like looking at them, you are afflicted and the painting served it's purpose.) The colors can be construed many ways and I leave that up to the viewer as well. The photography I've done is also to an extent abstract, incorporating night photography and experimental ideas.

Severe and subliminal are two good words to describe how I express myself. I'm done with basing works on material situations because most of the time they are stoic or too cliché. Instead, I emit emotion and subconscious thought into what I do, and I believe my works permeate with an essence that isn't seen often in the art world. I suppose you could call it effervescent/intelligent art. It is not my place to say what they all mean. If I did, that would ruin the onlookers experience and therefore, it is arbitrary. However, these types of feelings aren't so easily emitted through word and that is why the paintings are sublime. They say things that other paintings can't quite express.

Cactus - acrylic on canvas -28"x48"



FABULUXLISHUSNUS - acrylic on canvas-33"x50"